• November 15, 2022

Recent Stock Market Volatility

Recent Stock Market Volatility

Recent Stock Market Volatility 150 150 PYGG

Stock market volatility is rising this year after a relatively calm 2021. Financial markets are experiencing bigger moves up and down as investors navigate a long list of events, including Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, heightened geopolitical risk, and 40-year high inflation readings. This month’s chart provides historical context around stock market volatility and discusses how to think about your portfolio during periods of increased volatility.

Figure 1 charts the S&P 500 Index’s daily price return since 1970 and overlays the top 30 and bottom 30 days. There are two important takeaways. First, the best and worst trading days historically occur in clusters. Second, timing the market is almost impossible due to the close proximity of good and bad days. As an example, earlier this month the S&P 500 registered its 15th biggest daily return since 1970 after the latest inflation data suggested price pressures may be easing. The +5.5% S&P 500 return on November 10th followed volatile trading during September and October and demonstrates how market volatility occurs in groups.

What can you do to improve the chances of achieving your long-term goals? As always, our team recommends staying balanced and diversified. Different asset classes react to market conditions in different ways. Diversification spreads your investments around so your exposure to, and the potential impact from, any one type of asset is limited. More importantly, focus on the long-term rather than day-to-day price swings. History indicates lengthening your time horizon increases the odds in your favor. Should you have any concerns around market volatility, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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