Individual investors

pygg  is a fully licensed Curaçao securities intermediary and asset management company.  Our wealth management team supports self-directed high net worth individuals and their families in addition to offering them investment advisory and asset management services.

Not a number

Our clients value our long-term relationship with dedicated account management. Our wealth managers have decades of experience and are past the ambition to climb the corporate ladder. Due to our low overhead cost, our wealth managers are able to profitably service a select group of clients with the attention they deserve.

One size does not fit all

In today’s investment industry many of our competitors are radically standardizing their offerings. At pygg we believe in a tailor-made investment approach specific to the goals and needs of our clients.

Sensible compliance

Under the supervision of the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten, our services are guaranteed to offer you adequate levels of investor protection. We follow the rules and use common sense to avoid overreaching red-tape if possible.

Holistic approach

Investment opportunities are not limited to equities and fixed income on one continent. At pygg we believe that access to a broad range of international asset classes (including alternatives, structured products and virtual assets) will not only help your returns in the long run but will also significantly limit your risk. We work with your legal and tax advisors to add value to your asset protection strategy. We are currently able to custody assets in Curaçao and -through our partnerships- in Switzerland and the United States.

Local Time
PGFL-CW-CC14  $100AURE-PA  $1,000SDEC  $1,000JMYS 129  $13.80 +3.62 (35.56%)ZGKY  $0.57MDSF-V9  $1,000YSAF-V9  $1,000PHAG  SFr.250UMSC  $0.73BDCB-CW  100%GBIF  $1,000FIDII-PA  $1JGIF-A  $2,000RGIF  $1,000CASN  $0.43SHAI  $1HFFL-A  $1,000HFFL-B  $1,000HFFL-C  $1,000SOMS-A1  100%SOMS-A2  100%SOMS-B1  100%SOMS-B2  100%LMNV  $1CMRH  $2.50JGIF-B  $2,000TRUE  $1.50MLCO  $0.84FGNV  $320,000WLNV  $12,000KIFL  $1,000CRLC  $26,067.18PVIF-CW  $0.01KSTE  $0.45AIRF-VG-A  $1,000AIRF-VG-B  $1,000AIRF-VG-C  $1,000AIRF-VG-D  $1,000AIRF-VG-E  $1,000AIRF-VG-F  $1,000AIRF-VG-G  $1,000AIRF-VG-H  $1,000AIRF-VG-I  $1,000AIRF-VG-J  $1,000TFFL-A  $2,000ICWF  $1,000BLFF  $0.01CHFU-CW  100%HLWF  $10,000LIFL  $1,000LATAM-B  $1,000PAMP  $0