Information Memorandum Summary

Punda Progress Capital C.V. (‘PPC CV’)

Fund Profile

PPC CV is an investment fund structured as a closed limited partnership under the laws of Curaçao (‘commanditaire vennootschap’), offering investors the possibility to benefit from high returns on investment in ‘Downtown Punda’, the heart of the UNESCO world heritage city of Willemstad, Curaçao.

Investment Opportunity
  • Curaçao downtown Punda, is on the verge of becoming a hot spot for living and nightlife. With growing demand for medium to long-term apartment rental. 64 new apartments in 17 buildings have been completed successfully in the last 4 years.
  • High returns on purchase, renovation, renting out and sale of carefully selected existing buildings, by ensuring they are rented out at optimal
  • Annabay Management BV (the ‘General Partner’) has all it takes to acquire an optimal selection of properties, ensure quality, design and build to target specific market segments.
Financial Projections Capital Call I

Total Investment:


$ 4.3m



Forecasted Equity IRR (after-tax):




Equity (30%): $ 1.3m


Cashflow to equity (average forecasted): 7%+ per annum


Proposed Transaction

PPC CV offers up to 10 million participation rights (or ‘Units’) with a nominal value of $1.- each. Capital Call I entails the offering of 1,300,000 Units to professional investors with a minimum investment of 50,000 units or $50,000.- per investor.

Bookrunner and Advisors

PYGG Securities Co. B.V. is the sole lead-manager/arranger/coordinator of the issuance. Tax opinion and accounting by EY Dutch Caribbean.

Contact Details

For more information, including the Information Memorandum and Financial Model, please contact:
Mr. C. Quirijns T: +5999 698 8134 E: [email protected], or
Mr. F. Lammers T: +5999 564 1333 E: [email protected].

Local Time
PGFL-CW-CC14  $100AURE-PA  $1,000SDEC  $1,000JMYS 129  $13.80 +3.62 (35.56%)ZGKY  $0.57MDSF-V9  $1,000YSAF-V9  $1,000PHAG  SFr.250UMSC  $0.73BDCB-CW  100%GBIF  $1,000FIDII-PA  $1JGIF-A  $2,000RGIF  $1,000CASN  $0.43SHAI  $1HFFL-A  $1,000HFFL-B  $1,000HFFL-C  $1,000SOMS-A1  100%SOMS-A2  100%SOMS-B1  100%SOMS-B2  100%LMNV  $1CMRH  $2.50JGIF-B  $2,000TRUE  $1.50MLCO  $0.84FGNV  $320,000WLNV  $12,000KIFL  $1,000CRLC  $26,067.18PVIF-CW  $0.01KSTE  $0.45AIRF-VG-A  $1,000AIRF-VG-B  $1,000AIRF-VG-C  $1,000AIRF-VG-D  $1,000AIRF-VG-E  $1,000AIRF-VG-F  $1,000AIRF-VG-G  $1,000AIRF-VG-H  $1,000AIRF-VG-I  $1,000AIRF-VG-J  $1,000TFFL-A  $2,000ICWF  $1,000BLFF  $0.01CHFU-CW  100%HLWF  $10,000LIFL  $1,000LATAM-B  $1,000PAMP  $0