Crypto desk

New asset class

At  pygg we consider virtual assets, or cryptocurrencies, a new digital asset class that investors should be able to add to their investment portfolios for diversification. We offer several crypto capabilities to facilitate our clients.

Crypto OTC / execution only

Crypto investors only looking for a Caribbean friendly execution venue for their cryptocurrency on- and off-ramps against USD and ANG are welcomed to check our Over The Counter and execution only services.

Crypto Custody

Investors who want to store their crypto in on-chain cold wallets, but don’t want to manage that process themselves, can make use of our crypto custody services. We’ll store your crypto on your behalf in your name in wallets held by our PYGGG Global Custody Foundation, therewith segregating your crypto funds from PYGG’s operational businesses.

Crypto advisory

Crypto investors who want to receive regular trading ideas and research, but want to remain in full control of their investment decisions, are welcome to make use of our crypto advisory services. We work with a partner in the United States that offers exchange capabilities, while we act as an advisor on the account.

Managed crypto portfolio

Investors that wish to outsource the management of their entire crypto portfolio, including the strategic and day-to-day decision making, can make use of our managed portfolio offering, where we manage the crypto portfolio according to your specific mandate.

On-chain crypto funds

We offer two on-chain Virtual Asset Investment Funds (VAIFs) in which crypto investors can participate through their own Ethereum-based wallets.

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